A Note

From our Founder

As users of software and technology, our data holds an incredible amount of power. Almost all of our data flows through companies, and over 90% of all data in the world was created in the last two years. As a result, the tools we rely on in our daily lives have become the biggest target for crime we've ever known.

In fact, if cybercrime were a nation, it would be the third largest world economy behind the US and China, dwarfing the entire global drug trade. Cybercrime will cost us over $6 trillion in 2021 with annual costs expected to grow 15% year over year. Even these alarming numbers fail to capture the real human harm done by cybercriminals ever minute of every day.

My son and I setting up the future Trustpage HQ.

While we've taken monumental steps such as the GDPR to better safeguard data, our ability to wage war on cybercrime looks fragile at best. Over 3.5M jobs in cybersecurity will go unfilled this year and with an unemployment rate of 0% for the past 10 years, there are simply not enough cybersecurity professionals to go around. The talent gap is only expected to get worse.

I've been fortunate to be deeply involved with cybersecurity and software for more than twenty years. While building my last company we quickly ran into the challenges of not only implementing a security program but also ensuring to our customers and the market that our software was safe to use. We also learned how hard it was to make sure the software we were buying adequately protected our data and in turn our customers' data.

While software teams like ours seemed to be perfectly positioned to create a positive sea change in security, the tools at our disposal were largely antiquated, inefficient, and ineffective. For most customers, a security review boiled down to a massive spreadsheet of hard to understand questions, emailed back and forth. And when attempting to perform our own diligence, we found the process incredibly discouraging, as most vendors treated it as a cost center rather than an asset and looked to do as little work as possible to earn our trust.

Fast forward to 2020 and over half the world now works from home, completely reliant on software to do their jobs. Employees are adopting more apps faster than ever and creating even more data in the process. Meanwhile, the tools used to ensure the trustworthiness of these apps have gone largely unchanged. On a large scale, trust in software is broken.

It is time we realize that trust is not a cost center but an asset, and we need to create the incentives necessary to align profits with protecting data. Before we crumple under the massive weight of cybercrime we must create a race to the top for security among businesses.

One year ago, almost to the day, I began work on Trustpage in hopes that we might catalyze such a race to the top and give us all the tools we need to ensure we can trust software again. And as a software maker myself, I feel empowered to help bring about such a change while leveraging it to grow my own business in the process. I'm proud of the team and what we've created in such a short amount of time. I can't wait to share it with you and be a part of the journey.

Trust in us to build Trustpage, and we'll change the way the world looks at software.

Chase Lee, Founder and CEO