2021 in Review

January 3, 2022
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Twenty twenty-one. Year of the ox, celebrations of the breakthrough COVID vaccine, a record-breaking year for renewable energy, and for data breaches alike.

Our team is jumping into the new year after our refreshing winter vacation, so we’re spending the week looking back at the most memorable moments in the history of Trustpage working alongside our customers & supporters (like you!) to make the world a more secure place to buy and sell software.


Our milestones this year

$5M raised
In 2021 we were incredibly excited to share that we raised $5 million in seed funding led by Bonfire Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, and Detroit Venture Partners, with key investments from Entrée Capital, Basement Fund, and GTMfund.

>400 Trust Centers claimed
That's more than 400 organizations who agree with us that their security posture should be more easily accessible to their customers and users, and we can't wait to see how that number grows in the years to come.

2X top 3 finishes on Product Hunt
When our product became generally available in June, we landed in the number two spot on Product Hunt. We topped the charts at #3 again in December our launch of #goodcookiesonly.

5,000 Trust Centers Generated
That’s a lot of trust! Our goal was to make it easy for companies to get started with their Trust Centers so we generated over 5,000 of them to start. Curious about your page? Claim it here.

2,900 Trust Statements Written
A mark of any robust security program is clearly defined statements that define the topics that make up your policies. At Trustpage, these live in the overview page of a Trust Center. In the past year, our customers wrote nearly 2,900 to demonstrate trust with their stakeholders.

1,800 Suggestions Generated
It’s hard enough to build a security program let alone communicate it! Last year our AI generated over 1,800 content suggestions to build out and maintain Trust Centers. We did this by scanning the web for any mention of your security program and any resources you add directly to Trust Centers.

3.5X Trustpage Team Growth
The foundation of any strong product is the people behind it. Last year, we added eleven new faces who brought fresh perspectives, immediate value, and upgraded us all. We build fluid and asynchronous systems to make working on a remote team efficient and fun. We prioritized culture and built a team of people who genuinely enjoy working together.

31 Newsletters Sent
What started out as a way to build awareness of cybersecurity breaches turned into our highly acclaimed, weekly industry newsletter. It quickly became a fan favorite source of accredited, up-to-date news in the cyber community, and we have big plans for its future in 2022.

387 Cookies Mailed
No, not the cookies that follow you around the internet (spoiler alert: we’re not a fan of those). Instead, we sent out 387 chocolate chip cookies to the doorstep of our customers, investors, and fans to raise awareness about the history (and the future) of third-party cookies. P.S. they were delicious!

482 Project Cards Completed
We’re slightly obsessed with organized project management around here and use Notion to document all projects across the organization. Last year we completed 482 cards - talk about teamwork!

5,514 Commits to our Codebase
Call us ship city! 2021 was all about building and shipping an incredible product that helps our clients demonstrate and scale trust. With over 5,514 commits to our code base, we’re wildly proud of the progress the product made last year - and our engineers who stayed heads down and focused in order to make it happen.

35 Notable Features Released
That’s multiple features a week! Even our marketing and sales teams could barely keep up with the speed of product last year. From requestable resources and one-click NDAs to CRM Integrations and AI-Assisted reviews, our product truly became an end-to-end security solution with the release of 35 notable features.

Looking ahead to 2022

We’re beyond excited for what is to come and can’t wait to share more soon. But first, we want to thank you, our customers, partners, investors, and fans. We had an amazing 2021, and it looked the way it did because of your trust and support. Thank you!


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