Announcing $5 million in seed funding

November 30, 2021
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Today is a really big day for us. And for security. We're incredibly excited to share that Trustpage has raised $5 million in seed funding led by Bonfire Ventures, Ludlow Ventures, and Detroit Venture Partners, with key investments from Entrée Capital, Basement Fund, and GTMfund.

The start of something special

In April of 2020, just as the pandemic was getting started, Trustpage was born. It looked a little different back then. It was just two of us around a coffee table with little more than a mission: to make winning the trust of customers through security as easy as clicking a button.

Making a meaningful impact on cybercrime and privacy infringement is no small feat, and a year and a half later we're happy to report we're well on our way. Hundreds of companies are more transparent and accountable when it comes to their security and are growing faster because of it. And with additional funding, we're adding to the team and product to further accelerate that growth.

Many of our current team members have worked together at different companies, where they discovered that the tools they needed to build trust with prospects around security and privacy simply did not exist. Security reviews would routinely consume hoards of resources and crawl at a snail's pace, and critical questions would go unanswered. It was the part of the sales process that nobody wanted to get involved in. So when considering a new business to form, one that tackled that problem couldn't have felt more right.

Today, nearly 200 companies use our Trust Center product to collaborate on and communicate their security posture with customers and prospects. The end-to-end solution we've built...

- Highlights the tools a company uses to manage compliance, data security, privacy, reliability, infrastructure, and threat management

- Uses AI and natural language processing to assist users in completing security reviews

- Allows software buyers and sellers to collaboratively share security information via secure channels, eliminating outdated back-and-forth methods, and enables teams to gain visibility into who is accessing their documents

Looking ahead

We're only in the beginning phases of Trustpage's journey and there's a lot to do! Our seed funding will be used to grow our team, invest in innovative new data science and AI, and expand our product offering to better meet the needs of software buyers and sellers.

If you're passionate about cybersecurity and privacy, you might like it here! Check out our open roles or pass them along to someone you know.

To our team, investors, customers, advisors, friends, family, and everyone who helped make this possible, thank you! We cannot wait to share what we accomplish next!


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