How many tools are you using to manage security reviews?

October 21, 2022
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Every team at your organization is telling your security story—so it’s natural that everyone is using their own set of tools to do so.

Marketing has built a page on your website, roping in the legal team to review the content and their designers to ensure it meets your brand requirements.

Sales is soliciting signatures on NDAs with a tool like DocuSign and maybe using a document-sharing platform like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to share your most sensitive security content.

Security is taking requests from your CRM (likely Hubspot or Salesforce?), Slack messages, or project management tools (Jira or Trello?) and spending days on security questionnaires under high-pressure deadlines. Maybe they’re owning a knowledge base too, to publish security information in an attempt to make their work more efficient.

With so many parts of the process, it’s easy to feel like you need a whole tech stack for this alone. Looking to consolidate? With Trustpage, you get one solution purpose-built to manage every part of the security review process from front to back of house.

We prefer to have one point of reference when it comes to security, because it saves us a chunk of time and allows us to avoid 450-question questionnaires.

Nathan Everson | Director of Cybersecurity, Conversica

Trustpage gives you one solution for your whole team to manage trust operations.

Manage trust operations: document sharing, NDAs, questionnaires, and more.

It goes without saying that every vendor you add creates complexity in your systems, but the true root of the problem is your inability to deliver a consistent and accurate experience with security. When information is distributed across across systems and teams, you take on the burden of ensuring accuracy across sources.

Instead, using Trustpage gives you a single tool to manage the process of security reviews from end-to-end, including:

  • Completing security questionnaires in a single click with questionnaire auto-completion.
  • Getting accurate to any security question, anywhere with the Trustpage questionnaire extension.
  • Managing, tracking and initiating customer and vendor reviews in one central location.
  • Building and hosting a public-facing Trust Center based on your existing security policies.
  • Automating document requests and sharing with in-app NDAs and CRM integrations.
  • Sending updates to Trust Center subscribers for changes to your policies, sharing updated reports, or communicating breaches.

Consolidate solutions across teams and organizations

Every team has its own processes, which makes it easy to create unnecessary complications and internal chaos.

Trustpage helps each team effectively automate their portion of the buyer’s interaction with security, so your entire organization can move quickly and consolidate solutions where necessary.

Solutions for Marketing Teams

With buyers doing a majority of their research before they engage, your marketing team has probably considered adding a “Trust and Security” page to the company website. The content is bound to be high-level and non-technical in order to cater to a wide audience, and has to be filtered through marketers and technical-minds alike to ensure accuracy.

Instead, publish a branded Trust Center to help build authentic trust from the first interaction. As a result, you’ll help drive larger and higher quality leads to the sales team.

Solutions for Sales Teams

Speed up your sales cycle by sharing your Trust Center and security docs early in the process. You’ll quickly become multi-threaded with the organization, and gain visibility into the engagement of internal stakeholders who have traditional may lived in the black box of InfoSec.

Solutions for Customer Success Teams

Time for a customer’s annual security audit or renewal? Point them to the Trust Center for a self-serve experience where they can easily request what they need for their vendor review. Encourage all customers to become Trust Center subscribers for automatic updates.

Solutions for Security Teams

Get back to working on security vs. spending your time talking about it by automating processes for document sharing and requests. Teach internal teams to take the first pass of questionnaires with the Q&A extension and deliver questionnaires to customers and prospects faster and more accurately. Ready to review your vendors? Track and manage directly within your Trust Center.

Solutions for Legal Teams

Never second guess if the sales team is sending docs without the right approvals in place. Include language in your MSAs to encourage all customers to become Trust Center subscribers for automatic updates.

Get started with Trustpage

With a Trustpage Trust Center, security teams gain access to a simple, central hub to build trust and share security docs before, during, and after the sales cycle. Whether matching your marketing’s branding requests, or pushing resource requests into places like Slack and CRM, we’ve got you covered.

Consolidating vendors is about more than convenience—it helps you to tell a compelling security story to win deals faster… and maybe even saves your team a few headaches along the way.

Interested in learning more about building your Trust Center with Trustpage? Book a demo or claim your Trust Center today to get started.


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