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March 14, 2023
3 mins

Last month, we announced Vanta acquired Trustpage to unite forces in transforming trust into a marketable advantage for companies worldwide. Today, we are excited to announce our initial integration with the Vanta platform.

With the Vanta Integration, your team can:

  • Automatically sync resources, so your Trust Center is continuously up-to-date with your most recent Vanta policies and documents.
  • Complete questionnaires in any web-based spreadsheet or form, or answer one-off questions with the Browser Extension.
  • Take a first pass at security questionnaires in a single click with questionnaire auto-complete (beta).

Powering the future of trust management

Trustpage and Vanta's shared vision of securing the internet and demonstrating trust is becoming a reality with the announcement of our integration with the Vanta platform. 

Vanta, the leading trust management platform, helps simplify and centralize security for over 4,000 organizations. Companies like Autodesk, Chili Piper, Flo Health, and Quora rely on Vanta to automate security and compliance for the industry’s most sought-after standards. When paired with Trustpage, Vanta’s continuous monitoring synthesizes the entirety of your security program, and shares that information with your Trust Center. Trustpage then leverages policy and document content in questionnaire automation.

When you integrate Vanta with your Trust Center, your team will be equipped to answer questions with the most accurate security information in minutes. 

Level-up your Trust Center

Automate your Trust Center Management

Managing a Trust Center can be complex and time-consuming for growing companies. With the Vanta and Trustpage integration, you can now automate the process and save valuable time for your security team. 

The integration allows companies to sync security policies and documents automatically from Vanta to Trustpage, ensuring that your Trust Center is always up-to-date with the latest security information. With automated Trust Center management, your customers and prospects can easily review your security compliance programs, eliminating potential hold-ups down in late-stage deals.

Build an answer bank with up-to-date information

Many companies have DIY-ed answer banks with their most common questionnaire responses as a way to streamline their security compliance processes. When you use Trustpage to manage your answer bank, you’re storing sensitive information in a secure and centralized location. Use your most recent posture documents synced from Vanta to power questionnaire-answering when you integrate Trustpage with your Vanta platform. When it comes time to complete your next security questionnaire, your entire team will have access to the up-to-date information they need. With Trustpage and Vanta, your team can reduce the time and effort required to complete questionnaires and free up valuable resources to focus on actually building your security program.

Reduce questionnaire-associated risk

Completing security questionnaires can be a tedious and time-consuming task for businesses. It can also be risky if the information provided is old or inaccurate, which could result in potential legal implications. With Trustpage, your team can reduce questionnaire-associated risk by syncing information automatically. When it comes time to complete security questionnaires, you will have quick and easy access to the most recent information, reducing the risk of providing inaccurate information and ensuring your business remains compliant. 

See it in action today

Integrate your Trust Center with Vanta today to start communicating your most up-to-date security and compliance policies to customers and prospects. Talk to our team to learn more.


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