Ten domains you should blacklist from your Trust Center right now.

September 29, 2022
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In B2B SaaS, spam is endless and competition is ruthless. This combination leaves marketers, salespeople, and InfoSec teams alike attempting to defend against spam and unwarranted requests which take up valuable time for their teams. Not to mention—spam & competitive actors present a serious risk to business operations, and with the right steps, can be easily avoided.

In order to allow for transparency of your security posture and simplicity for prospects while also maintaining the highest level of confidence in your team, Trustpage has added domain blacklisting functionality to all Trustpage-operated Trust Centers.

Domain blacklisting in Trustpage

In order to limit unwarranted requests and safeguard confidential business information, we’ve added domain blacklisting options to your Trust Center. This feature allows you to prevent resource and review requests, as well as Trust Center subscriptions, from specific domains. You can visit our help center to learn how to add domains to the blacklist for your Trust Center.

How to use blacklisting

In order to protect our own Trust Center, we’ve blacklisted both free mail and competitor URLs from accessing our sensitive documents. We recommend doing the same, so we’ve detailed a list of all the domains we suggest blocking.

Free Mail

Free email providers are often associated with spam and usually do not have business needs. If this is the case for your organization as well, here are a few domains to block as a start:


A great way to safeguard confidential business information is to keep it out of competitors hands.  Blacklisting competitors domains is a great way to ensure your documents’ protection. You know your competitors best, and you can always add their domains to your blacklist as well.

How to blacklist domains in Trustpage

To block unwanted incoming resource or review requests, or subscriptions, from your Trustpage Trust Center:

  1. Click the Manage dropdown at the top of your Trust Center then click Email Settings
  2. Click Manage Blacklist
  3. Add the email domains you wish to automatically block and click Add or press Enter on your keyboard after each one. Example email domains include:,,
  4. After you have added all the email domains, click Save at the bottom of the panel.

Please note that blocking specific domains only applies to inbound requests. An admin or collaborator can still share resources, open reviews, or add a subscriber with the domains on your blacklist.


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