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The Risk Report - Sept. 10

September 10, 2021
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From Nevada to Singapore, let's take a look at whose data got into the wrong hands this time.

🎰 Dotty's

A casino chain with 175 locations throughout the western US states of Nevada, Oregon, and Montana, fell victim to a malware attack that exposed the personal data of its more than 300,000 customers. NRS, which owns Dotty's, first discovered the attack on January 16th, 2021. Details of the types of PII compromised have not been disclosed, but NRS has not ruled out Social Security and driver's license numbers as possibilities.

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🚀 MyRepublic

A Singaporean communications company suffered a breach on a third-party data storage platform that exposed the PII of roughly 80,000 cellular service customers. The company boasts of being the world’s first telecommunications company supported by a proprietary cloud platform, which makes this an especially interesting case, given third-party involvement. The data breach was first discovered on August 29, 2021, and the company is continuing to work on a recovery plan with the help of consultants and government agencies.

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🦃 Guntrader

The British online firearm marketplace suffered a major breach after the home addresses of its ~110,000 members were stolen and then published to an animal rights blog in a Google Earth-compatible CSV format. The attackers have come forward as anti-hunting activists and claim the publicizing of the addresses was done in retaliation against Countryside Alliance, a British organization that supports hunting, among other causes.

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