What is a Trust Center and why does your business need one?

January 11, 2022
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You've worked hard to build your security posture for your business, and you now feel ready for any security challenge. But you soon realize that something's still missing: an easy way to share all your company's InfoSec credentials with those who request them. 

Potential customers are bombarding you with requests to complete security audits, customers are asking about data security standards, and it's becoming increasingly clear that all this information should live in one place. All of that information is known, collectively, as your security posture, and you’re looking for a policy management software to help you achieve these goals. Here at Trustpage, we believe a Trust Center is the best way to share your posture with customers and prospects alike.

What does a Trust Center entail?

A Trust Center can be thought of as a nutrition label for your business' security posture. It's the place where you can outline and store all materials about how you protect and process data. Like a nutrition label, it gives a potential or existing customers the information they need to feel comfortable with your product or service.

Here are some things you'll typically find outlined in a Trust Center:

  • An overview of your security posture, including quick statements on topics that are important to your business.

  • Important resources for your visitors to be aware of, like your privacy policy, incident response plan, and generic security questionnaires.

  • Frequently asked questions related to trust & information security. 

  • Your security roadmap, including the new policies and procedures you plan to implement in the future.
How do I get a Trust Center?

Getting a Trust Center is really easy—you can do it on your own in just a few hours. To get started, head to and enter your work email address. If a Trust Center has not yet been created for your business, it will walk you through next steps. If a Trust Center has already been created, it will walk you through the steps of being added as a user.

Trustpage is a free policy management software, with paid plans available for businesses with greater needs. We recommend starting at the free level to get comfortable with the platform, and then determining from there if one of the paid plans better suits your business.

Need more help? Trustpage has put together a Help Center with lots of answers to frequently asked questions about how to best build and manage your Trust Center.

Why do businesses need a Trust Center?
  1. Gain a competitive edge in the sales process
  2. It's becoming increasingly common for companies to avoid vendors who cannot pass security audits. But with no standard framework for a security audit, companies must be prepared to hand over all sorts of information or risk losing the deal.

  3. Turn InfoSec into a team sport
  4. Everyone in your company should understand what role they play in the information security process. No matter our job title, we are all members of the InfoSec team. By maintaining your company's security posture on a publicly accessible Trust Center, your team will be more aware of the importance of data security, and will feel more compelled to do their part.

  5. Build customer confidence
  6. There are a number of vendors that help companies develop elements of their security posture, but few policy and procedure management systems that make it easy to share that information with the public. Trustpage addresses that head-on, and in doing so opens up access to InfoSec information to anyone who wants it. Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable of the risks associated with putting their data in the hands of another company. Trust Centers help you earn the trust of customers, and grow your business through trust.
How Trustpage can help you build trust with customers

Trustpage is the top policy management software that lets your entire team collaborate and communicate trust with customers, because building a strong security program is hard but demonstrating it and communicating it shouldn't be. With Trustpage, you can easily remove bottlenecks in the sales process, increase customer confidence, and give your team back time. By building a foundation of trust early and often, companies and engage and interact around what matters most through trust-led growth.


Build your Trust Center today.


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