Why the InfoSec stage should be more convenient for buyers

March 31, 2022
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Your InfoSec team has worked hard to ensure that you have all the right answers to that lengthy security questionnaire you know you’re bound to receive... so why are you putting off the process? When you make the Security Review stage a seamless part of the deal cycle as soon as possible, you’re saving everyone time and energy down the line.

Deflect, delay, and defend.

Maybe you’ve spent hours and hours reading up on the importance of security reviews, or maybe you’ve experienced a data breach that taught you first hand, but either way you know that being able to prove your software’s trustworthiness is make-or-break for your company.

That’s why your engineering team has spent countless hours building a product that is safe and secure. It’s why your InfoSec team worked hard to identify and mitigate gaps in your security posture. And perhaps more importantly for your bottom line, why your entire team has worked to ensure that your Account Executives have all the right answers to the lengthy security questionnaire you know they’re bound to receive.

So why are you still putting off the process?

Well... we get it. We know why... those reviews are annoying. There are always questions beyond the first batch, and they always increase the length of your sales cycle.

But what if they didn’t have to? 

What if you made the Security Review stage a seamless part of your deal flow as soon as possible? What if you stopped deflecting the questions you received throughout the security process with generic answers like, “we’re dedicated to protecting your data.” How much time would you shave off your deals if you communicated on security requirements throughout the process, rather than saving it for the end? Wouldn’t you save everyone time and energy down the line if you communicated proactively, rather than acting defensively at the end of the sales cycle?

We’re here to tell you that when you spread the Security Review stage across the entirety of your deal cycle and work to build trust throughout the entire process, you are much more likely to avoid a formal security review altogether. In fact—Tourial was able to avoid 75% of requested reviews just by sharing their Trust Center when asked for their security policies.

So what does that look like? And how is that possible? We’re here to arm you with all the tips and tricks to lead with Trust and make the Security Review stage the most seamless part of buying your software.

Early, often, and honest.

Introduce your security practices early in the sales cycle. Lean on trust as a competitive differentiator, and encourage your prospects to ask any questions they may have regarding your security posture at any point during the sales cycle.

Communicate your willingness to discuss security often. When you sell security as a core part of the product, you’re building customer confidence so your buyer feels more comfortable taking your product to their tech team for review.

Publish a dynamic trust center. Ideally, your InfoSec team is as transparent as possible with what documents, policies, or certifications your company is willing to share right off the bat. This will allow customers and prospects to find the information they need in a self-serve way, and make the process of completing a formal review as seamless as possible when your customers do require them.

Our all-in-one solution for communicating trust.

Trustpage is an out-of-the-box solution designed to help you communicate your security posture, complete security reviews, and transform their security posture from a hurdle into a differentiator.

The best part? Our basic solution is always free, forever. We believe that by building a more transparent ecosystem, we can help companies understand the importance of InfoSec as a means to protect their customers and business.

To get started with centering InfoSec in your sales processes, claim your Trust Center today. Once you publish your policies for the world to see, we’ll update our Directory so buyers can browse your security policy and determine if they can trust you before they even contact your team.



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