The Company


As a fast-growing, venture-backed, SaaS organization, this company provides a product experience platform serving global customers across all industries.

The Problem

The company lacked a solution for their InfoSec team to scale alongside growing revenue teams.

Scaling to the Enterprise market came with a new set of hurdles for the CISO and security team. As the contract values got larger, so too did the InfoSec requirements, which now demanded more attention from the company’s Sales Engineering and Security teams to demonstrate their data security, privacy, and compliance standards.

Heavily relying on the marketing-built “Data Privacy & Security” section of their website, the team realized they were spending more time talking about security to customers than actually building their security program. When customers inevitably needed more information, the team was digging through Google Drive, going back and forth on NDAs, and sending the right documentation via email.

They started looking for a better way to communicate trust and security with customers and found Trustpage.

The Solution

The company now provides a self-serve Trust Center for customers to securely and quickly access approved and tracked documentation.

Using Trustpage, the security team launched a public-facing Trust Center for prospects and customers to get the information they need, when they need it. More importantly the security team is able to own and update the Trust Center without relying on their web site admins—ensuring the information is always accurate and up-to-date. Through their Trust Center, they’ve added FAQs for internal team members, prospects, and customers, saving the security team time from answering repetitive questions.

“With no advertising other than a link off our main website, our customers and prospects are using our Trust Center to find the information that they need in a self-serve fashion. With 20-30 unique visitors per day—we're finally able to measure the interest in our security program.” -Chief InfoSec Officer

Security, like many parts of the buying experience, can be equated to a funnel where teams are hoping to gain the checkbox of passing vendor risk as early as possible. Nearly 95% of their Trust Center visitors are able to find what they are looking for without the need for deeper security assessments. 

For the remaining 5%, the company utilizes Trustpage’s Shareable and Requestable Resources, which allow prospects and customers to access the documents they need, with NDA coverage. This also enables the team to see the engagement of these prospects by tracking their views thus, showing the value and positive impact of sharing security information early on in the sales funnel.

3 months after publishing their Trust Center, the team saw a measurable impact on security’s role in the sales cycle. As their TrustOps processes scale, the team is eager to continue implementing new Trustpage features and capabilities to make an even greater impact

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