The Company

About Tourial

Tourial is a product storytelling platform that combines the familiarity of a presentation tool with the power of a robust, interactive design platform. With Tourial, marketers can create captivating product stories in minutes to help educate potential buyers, convert high-quality leads, drive qualified pipeline, and speed up deal cycles.

The Problem

Communicating InfoSec policies to build trust between companies & prospects is a challenging process.

In the traditional software sales process, achieving alignment on InfoSec policies is saved until last, because proving your businesses’ trustworthiness is a challenging and overwhelming process.

Without a centralized platform to manage security policies, resources, FAQs, and review processes, sellers often find themselves having repetitive conversations with prospects through ad-hoc emails requesting and responding to questions around policies, procedures, and expectations. Tourial, a seed-stage software company, has recently begun experiencing this problem.

The Solution

Build a Trust Center to bring focus to security & trust throughout your sales conversations.

Tourial built their Trust Center to outline their most important Security & Privacy policies, securely host information in a centralized location, and provide visitors with the most up-to-date version of their posture.

With the Trustpage solution, Tourial is able to track & share documents, proactively send updates to customers, and streamline & scale their security review process. Since publishing their Trust Center, Tourial has directed both formal review requests & one-off security questions to their published page, providing answers to prospects in minutes and proving to them that Tourial takes security seriously.

"When we use our Trustpage to communicate our Security Posture, it takes so many variables out of the procurement process. Providing our Trust Center means that we can get through deals in two days by avoiding a formal review and helping the CTO get their questions answered.”

Kenny Traber
Directory of Sales, Tourial

The Outcomes

Tourial bypassed 75% of requested security reviews.

Since claiming their Trust Center, the Tourial team worked to provide the most valuable InfoSec information to prospects as early in the sales cycle as possible. This meant that they could send their Trust Center to prospects who requested a security review, and their team could reference the Trust Center to complete any reviews that were still required.

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