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Connect your Salesforce instance to push Trust Center activity to contact records.


Update Salesforce Contacts with tasks when users request access to resources, and create tasks when users view security-related resources.

Events and actions

Our Salesforce integration enables you to sync contact and activity data from your Trust Center, including:

  • Create new contacts in Salesforce: Automatically migrate Trust Center users to Salesforce and create new Contacts if none are found.
  • Create Task for Review Request: Automatically update Salesforce Contacts with a Task when a user requests a review.
  • Create Task for Resource Request: Automatically update Salesforce Contacts with a Task when a user requests access to a resource.
  • Create Task to Follow Up on Resource View: Automatically update Salesforce Contacts with a Task when a user views a resource.
  • Create Note for Resource Views: Automatically add a note to Salesforce Contact each time a user views a resource that was shared with them.

Our salesforce integration enables your team to take action in your Trust Center from within your Salesforce instance, including:

  • Approving or denying review requests.
  • Approving or denying resource access requests.


To get step-by-step instructions for setting up a Salesforce integration in your Trust Center, visit our Help Center.

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