Proactively update customers to changes in your security posture.

Send email updates to subscribers of your Trust Center, and maintain a record of updates delivered.

An email from the Trustpage platform showing an update to a companies' privacy policy.

Send updates to customers.

Meet compliance requirements for policy changes, communicate uptime and incident reports, trigger email updates to your stakeholders.
Unlimited cashback.
Average annualized savings.
Faster end-of-month close.
Allow stakeholders to subscribe to your Trust Center.
Notify subscribers of important changes to your security policies.
Send updates when you complete important compliance certifications.
Easily enable your team to communicate compliance-required updates.

Tourial decreases formal security reviews by 75% after publishing their Trust Center.

With the use of their Trust Center, Tourial was able to decrease formal security reviews by 75%.

Trusted by teams worldwide.

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