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      We ask the security community to give us an opportunity to research internally and fix a potential vulnerability in the event it happened before releasing information publicly. Before starting to perform any research-related activities, you shall agree to follow the guidelines below:

      • Make every effort to avoid privacy and security violations, degradation of user experience, disruption to and availability of production systems and environments, and destruction of data during security testing.
      • Comply with any laws and/or regulations that might be applicable to such research-related activity.
      • Perform research diligently and in good faith only for ABBYY products and websites in accordance with its terms and conditions (for example, End-User License Agreement, Terms of Use, Terms of Service or any other agreement governing ABBYY products or websites) as well as public ABBYY policies, guidelines, notices, statements, instructions etc.
      • If able to gain access to a system, account(s), user(s), or user data, stop at the point of recognition and report immediately. Do not attempt to determine how much more is accessible. Do not view, alter, save, store, transfer, or otherwise access the data, and immediately purge any information upon reporting information on the issue to ABBYY.

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