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Allison is a low code platform that enables businesses to integrate with Community Banks & Credit Unions to create financial products, through automation workflows.
  • Website
  • Trust Center

  • Compliance

    • GDPR

      Allison Fintech Co is CCPA And GDPR compliant. Please refer to our formal privacy policy for more details.

  • Product Security

    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Data Security

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  • Privacy

    • Privacy Policy
  • Incident Management & Response

    • Data Breach Notification
    • Incident Response Plan (IRP)

      Our Incident Response Plan reflects that security incidents must be managed in an efficient and time effective manner to make sure that the impact of an incident is contained and the consequences for our business and our customers are limited.

      Our Incident Response Plan sets out the Allison plan for reporting and dealing with security incidents, including:

      Security incident recognition
      Roles and Responsibilities
      Incident response steps
      Testing plan

  • Availability & Reliability

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  • Organizational Security

    • Employee Workstations Automatically Locked

      In order to prevent unauthorized access, devices must be password protected using the features of the device and a strong password is required to access the company network. Allison has a formal Password policy.

      All devices must lock itself with a password or PIN if it’s idle for five minutes. Rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) devices are strictly forbidden from accessing the network.
      Employees’ access to company data is limited based on user profiles defined by IT and automatically enforced.

    • Limited Employee Access (Principle of Least Privilege)

      Allison uses CyberArk to manage principle of least privilege: https://www.cyberark.com/what-is/least-privilege/

  • Business Continuity

    • Business Continuity Plan

      This document establishes procedures and processes to maintain operational continuity for businesses based on two types of disruptions that could occur individually or in any combination:

      Loss of services due to a reduction in workforce (e.g., during pandemic influenza);
      Loss of services due to equipment or systems failure (e.g., information technology (IT) systems failure, electrical grid failure).
      The Allison Business Continuity Plan objective is to facilitate the resumption of critical operations, functions, and technology in a timely and organized manner to ensure a viable and stable organization. In doing this it is critical to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and customers.

      The primary objectives of the plan are to:

      • Maintain Critical Business Functions
      • Most critical departments/business functions
      • Protect vital data
      • Ensure that they are accessible under all conditions

    • Disaster Recovery Plan
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  • Infrastructure

    • SOC 2 Type II - Data Center

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